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Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy



Postpartum Doula &

New Mom Coach

Lillian Odom is a Postpartum Doula & New Mom Coach with a passion for helping women find their groove in motherhood. She is committed to helping working moms discover what it means to be the best version of the mother they want to be.


As a working mom herself, Lillian has seen first hand how social media, family & internal pressures can send you spiraling into guilt and frustration. She offers a fresh perspective on modern parenting and how the 'one size fits all' mentality just doesn't cut it.

She believes that empowering mothers in their choices leads to healthier, happier homes during the most hectic period of parenthood.


Consistent, Flexible, Fun

There's no one right way to parent. When we place extraneous rules on ourselves and our little ones, no one wins. Faced with a constant bombardment of information and opinions, it can feel nearly impossible to know which road to choose. 

Good news - you don't have to. My coaching style focuses on finding a customized plan to fit your family. We focus on consistency in your parently style with flexibility around your changing and growing little one. And while everyone categorizes early postpartum as a nightmare and a season to forget - we find joy in the little victories so you can start off parenthood confidently.

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