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Postpartum Basics & Motherhood 101

Here's the stuff no one tells you about. The little things like how do I set up my pump parts? or the bigger things like what does recovery really look like? Dive into step by step modules addressing some of the biggest challenges for new moms in the postpartum period.


Coming soon!

Ever wondered why your newborn doesn't come with a how-to guide? Does it feel like no matter how much anyone tried to 'warn' you, postpartum hit you like a ton of bricks and you're not sure if you're ever going to make it out? 

The key is all in how you approach it. So much of motherhood is finding your unique style and being consistent with it. 

In this online course, you'll learn about how to become confident in your new role and how to enjoy the process as you get to know your newest member of the family.  


Coming Soon!

This is where that how-to guide comes in. We'll dive into the basics of the first twelve weeks of motherhood from recovery to breastfeeding/ bottle feeding to learning your baby's cues.

You'll learn the tools and tricks that will make your baby's transition into the world easier while helping you recover as well. 


Everything you need to know and wish you had known prior to your first two am feed is all in this course.
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